Glass Bottle Exchange at Maplehofe


our Glass exchange 

You may remember getting glass bottles of milk delivered to your doorstep years ago. Though we don't make home deliveries, our milk is available in 1/2 gallon glass bottles at both Maplehofe locations. There is a $2 bottle deposit for every bottle of milk or drink you purchase. If you want to purchase more milk and want to keep your bottle(s), just bring the empty bottle(s) back and get a replacement glass bottle of milk, OJ or drink and just pay for the contents. If you don't need or use any of your bottles, just bring the empty bottles back to the store and get your $2 deposit back. It's that simple.

What's AVailable?

We currently have the following milk and drinks available in glass (Central Market only has milk and OJ in glass):

Cream Line
Chocolate Milk (1/2 gallons & quarts)
Egg Nog (Seasonal)
Strawberry Milk
Orange Juice
Iced Tea
Orange Drink
Fruit Punch
Grape Drink



Please call our store. We'll be glad to help you!